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Welcome to the website of top-of-the-line recycling industrial equipment for the plastics and rubber, lumber and wood, and paper and cardboard industries.

Ours is a unique online platform that connects seekers of industrial recycling equipment with the machinery and products they need. Just visit us, tell us about your application, and together we’ll select the equipment most suitable for your needs.

Why work with us? Because IES offers:
• Expert technical support during the selection and buying process
• Many types of recycling equipment in one place
• Equipment manufactured, warranted, and serviced by companies of high reputation in the industry
• The unique “Home of Guaranteed Discounts” program that saves you money all year-round
• The ability to lock in the discount price of high-value machines with a small online deposit

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our great discount rate for this month and lock it in with a smart purchase right away!

Our Vision about Purchasing Industrial Equipment

Many years of problem-solving in industrial manufacturing, procurement, and information technology have led us to one conclusion: there must be a better way!

Despite the tremendous advances in information technology, it is still very, very hard to find what you need. As an engineer searching for new recycling industrial equipment, or a purchasing manager looking for a better price, you still must navigate a dazzling maze of directories, websites, online databases, and buyers guides with no guarantees of finding the best option. Even worse, if you’re an inventor with a great product idea in mind or an entrepreneur wishing to start your recycling business – good luck! Unfortunately, the world out there is not that friendly, and you’re left to your own devices.

There must be a better way!

The quest for a better way has become our challenge and vision. And the embodiment of the concept has turned out to be the unique online platform that we call Industrial Equipment Supplier, aka the Home of Guaranteed Discounts.

Check it out. It is right here before your eyes!

Reliable Industrial Equipment

All industrial equipment offered on our website is manufactured by well-established companies with an excellent reputation and track record.

As everyone knows, recycling is a tough business. The physical action of destructing a piece of scrap plastic, wood, or cardboard requires lots of energy and subjects the equipment to intense mechanical forces which create heat, tear, and wear. Therefore, the machine must be designed and built with ruggedness, dependability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

In other words, it must operate reliably twenty-four hours a day, week after week, months after month, and year after year with minimal shutdowns. The equipment must be serviced regularly by competent technicians who can quickly provide correct spare parts to achieve such performance.

Equally important, the machines must be operated by well-trained people who understand their capabilities and limitations. Educating, instructing, and training customer factory floor operators is the responsibility of the machine manufacturer, thus becoming a testimony of his commitment to upholding their reputation.

The "Home of Guaranteed Discounts" Program

Success with hundred dollar bills

The hallmark of our website is its unique “Home of Guaranteed Discount” program, which offers selected products at variable discount rates all year round. The rates regularly adjust, typically monthly, and the participating products also change. Such interplay creates incentives for our audience members to visit us often to take advantage of the best possible deals.

The Home of Guaranteed Discount program is made possible by IES partnering with carefully selected visionary manufacturers who understand the incredible power of online marketing. And what kind of power is this? For once, it expands product sales reach to a much larger geographical area, i.e., to a truly global audience. Secondly, the number of sales in a given period of time increases, thus leading to a higher annual growth rate. And lastly, clearing inventory and selling discontinued product models becomes a breeze.

This marketing program should not interfere at all with the current sales practices of the manufacturing partner, be it direct sales or sales through a dealer network. On the contrary, the Home of Guaranteed Discounts program should act as a force multiplier of the marketing efforts of the existing organization and a new avenue to increase sales.

Our Industrial Equipment Expertise


We specialize in recycling machinery and industrial equipment related to the processing of scrap plastics, wood, and paper. Our expertise is particularly strong in plastics processing and recycling. However, we also offer general advice in applications related to scrap lumber, wood, and tree shredding, as well as when it comes to scrap paper and cardboard recycling.

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Our Core Team

George Vasilca

George Vasilca, P.E. (ret)

General Manager

George is a retired professional engineer with many years of experience as a technology executive, consulting engineer, and business entrepreneur. Over his long career, George has worked in various industries, including plastics, chemicals, petroleum,  manufacturing, environmental, food, and others. He has a multi-cultural background and extensive international business experience. George’s passion is mentoring young business owners on their way to success. George also writes self-help books on building character, personal leadership, and managing relationships. He’s a lifetime member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and a past senior member of The Association of Manufacturing Engineers, International Society of Automation (formerly Instrument Society of America), and other professional organizations.

Stephen Conklin

IT Manager

For nearly 25 years, Steve has been an accomplished IT professional specializing in website solutions, SEO services, and digital marketing. He has worked for a diverse group of clients in various industries to increase leads, conversions, and sales. In addition, the wealth of knowledge he has acquired through all of these relationships has helped him gain valuable insights that accelerated the growth of his business acumen and marketing experience. He has a passion for seeing businesses reach new heights by growing their ability to support associates and communities. Steve has worked in various fields such as plastics, manufacturing, industrial equipment, electronics, direct mail marketing, sales, construction, hospitality, food service, and travel. He is an avid supporter of several local charitable organizations in his area and is actively involved in community events.

Stephen Conklin, Jr.


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