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Purchasing FAQ

Inform yourself here about Purchasing FAQ and the proper answer to each question

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing

What is IES?
Industrial Equipment Supplier is an innovative online selling platform dedicated to the vertical market of Recycling.

What is special about IES?
Only on our website you’ll find many recycling machines in one place, get guaranteed discounts on every purchase under the “Guaranteed Discount” program, acquire a high-value piece of equipment with just a small deposit, and benefit from free technical support.

What is a recycling machine?
Recycling machines are used to recycle various materials such as plastics, aluminum, wood, or paper.

What is recycling technology?
Recycling technology is the field of human knowledge spanning all aspects of recycling, including technical issues, environmental impact, operational issues, societal requirements, and economics.

Why is recycling important?
Many consider recycling as a form of citizenry activism for the benefit of the greater society, environment, and future generations.

What does it take to get involved in environmental issues?
Just a desire to participate and bring your contribution. However, to become good at it, you must study, do research, and acquire hands-on experience.

Why do I have to study recycling and environmental issues?
Because recycling technology, processes and machinery are vast and complex areas of human knowledge. It requires familiarity with issues related to the environment, society, pollution, living organisms, cycle of life, science, and engineering.

What are the technical specifications of a recycling machine?
Recycling machines are vastly different from one another in terms of size, what they do best, how efficient they are, how much electricity they consume, and so on. These are called technical specifications or technical data sheet.

How do I select the proper machine for my recycling application?
Proper selection of a recycling machine requires know-how and experience. If you are an experienced recycler, most likely you can do the selection yourself. But even so, it is always advisable to consult with IES technical support. If you are new to recycling, you must consult technical support. The service is free.

How do I buy affiliate products on this website?

Follow the customary online shopping steps: select the product, place it in the cart, and go to checkout. Pay for the product, provide delivery instructions and enjoy the product when it arrives! 

How do I buy products sold under the Guaranteed Discount program? 

The buying process is a bit more complex and entails several sequential steps designed to assure you that you buy the most suitable machine for your application. See the steps below.

Step 1 Preselection
After browsing the website, hone-in on the machine you think is best for you. Look at its technical specification carefully and compare them to your operational requirements. Do they match? Where are the differences? Watch a video related to the machine: do you like what you see? Then, click the Add to Cart button. After that, click View Cart.

Step 2 Confirmation of Selection
Start a live chat with our technical support. Fill out the short technical form given to you and attach pictures of the scrap material if you have them handy. Our technical support staff reviews the data and confirms or rejects your selection. If approved, you get a checkout code which will let you advance to the next step. Apply the code and click Proceed to Checkout to finalize the purchase. If confirmation is denied, the technician will guide you to the recycling machine that is best for you.

Step 3 Purchase
On the checkout page, fill in the required billing details, and place your order. Your card will be charged just a small deposit required to lock-in your discount rate and advise the manufacturer of your order. Congratulations, now you are the proud owner of a great machine!

Step 4 Place the PO
After paying the deposit, you will receive a confirmation email from us and one from the manufacturer. Follow the directions on the later to finalize the PO. One of their salespeople will call to review the application technical data and confirm yet again your selection. Then, together you will discuss delivery, credit, payments, warranty, service, spare parts, and so on in accordance to the manufacturer’s policies.

Step 5 Come back
That’s the easiest step of all: come back to purchase more high-performance recycling equipment at great discount rates. As a repeat customer, you will enjoy great preferential discounts you have earned. And don’t forget, bring a friend to buy equipment from us and you’ll get a $250 credit towards your next purchase!

Why do I need a checkout code?

The checkout code  ensures that the equipment being selected will match  your exact operational needs. Good selection requires not only technical knowhow but also experience. Conducting the technical chat with our support staff guarantees just that. 

Why do you need scrap material pictures?
Scrap material pictures will tell us a lot about the material itself and point us to the best machine to shred or granulate it.

Why should I do a material shredding test?
Conducting a live test on your material in our testing facility is the best way to satisfy yourself that the machine you’ve selected will work well for you. However, this free test should take place only at the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Who will service my equipment after purchase?
The manufacturer himself or his designated representative in your area. Rest assured that the service will be performed by experienced, factory-trained technical personnel.

Where do I get spare parts?
Again, from the manufacturer himself or his designated representative in your area.

Can I cancel the order with the manufacturer?
Most likely yes, but only within the limits of his policies. You’ll have to discuss it with him.

Will I lose my deposit to IES if I cannot close the deal with the manufacturer?
If you cannot close the deal with the manufacturer within 60 days, call us. We will review your case and decide if a refund is warranted. If we agree to refund, we will retain a 15% administration fee. Alternatively, we can apply the whole deposit amount to your next purchase from us.

How does the “bring-a-friend” purchase incentive work?
Call us that a friend of yours is purchasing an equipment from us under the “Guaranteed Discount” program.  Once he has completed the purchase, we will issue a $250 credit coupon to you which can be used on your future purchases within one year from the date of the coupon.