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Technical Services

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At Industrial Equipment Supplier, we pride ourselves in the reliability and quality of service we provide to our customers. In fact, we aim to have our reputation summed up in three words : Excellence in Service.

During the initial stage of your recycling project, IES will assist you at NO CHARGE*  in several ways:

  • evaluate your project feasibility
  • estimate budget and calculate the return on investment
  • assist with equipment selection and purchasing process

* Note: for small size projects. If projects are larger, we may refer you to one of our engineering partners who may charge you a consulting fee for their services.



Finance Assistance

team members reviewing resultsOnce the PO has been issued, we will work with you AT NO CHARGE* to  select the best way to finance the equipment purchase. We will also connect you with people in our network who can assist you. Finance options include:

  • Traditional bank business loans
  • Loans or loan guarantees from Small Business Development Bank
  • Financing through private lending companies
  • Leasing
  • Government grants 

*Note: we may charge a small fee for writing applications for government grants or loans on your behalf.